US College Sports – Women’s Diving

Are you interested in pursuing a DIVING career in the American collegiate system?

Aussie Athletes Agency will OPTIMISE your opportunity to receive athletic placement or an available scholarship in a university diving program.  


What to expect from collegiate diving:    

Fall Semester:
  • Diving is a year-round sport, with athletes competing in tournaments throughout the American school year.
  • Tournaments are held between early-September and late-March.
  • Athletes may have practice or tournaments scheduled during winter break, as the season is held across two semesters.
  • You can expect approximately 12 tournaments in an average season.
Spring Semester:
  • The off-season for college diving is between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the fall semester.
  • You can expect to practice a maximum of 8 hours a week during the off-season, and up to 20 hours per week during the competitive season.
  • In addition to training, you will be required to complete weight lifting and conditioning on a regular basis in preparation for competitions.

To gain a more in-depth understanding of the US College Diving experience, please click here.

Diving programs nationwide participate in all levels of intercollegiate athletics.

NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association –

The NCAA endorses three divisions of collegiate diving.

Division I
  • Currently, there are 197 competing WOMENS teams in Div I diving
  • 14 full scholarships are available per WOMENS diving team (head count only – scholarships cannot be divided partially)
Division II
  • Currently sponsor 89 WOMENS diving programs
  • 8.1 full scholarships available (can be divided partially)
Division III
  • Currently sponsor 251 WOMENS diving programs
  • No financial aid is allocated to athletes
NJCAA – National Junior College Athletic Association –

The NJCAA endorses three divisions of collegiate diving.

  • Currently sponsor 59 WOMENS diving programs across three divisions
  • 15 full scholarships available across all divisions (can be divided partially)
NAIA – National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics –

The NAIA endorses one division of collegiate diving.

  • Currently sponsor 23 WOMENS diving programs
  • 8 full scholarships available (can be divided partially)

Ask one of our EXPERT AGENTS which collegiate diving division most suits your personal goals.

What you will need to do:

  • Build a diving resume stating your achievements; notable teams, player awards, and statistics.
  • Film a skills video; include game performance and practice drills.
  • Search for universities that appeal to your sporting goals.
  • Build an academic resume, complete with an estimated average grade and high school transcripts.
  • Take any relevant entrance exams – the SAT or ACT.
  • Choose appropriate classes to study for your high school exams.

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