U.S. College Women’s Gymnastics Scholarships

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What to expect when competing in U.S. college gymnastics

Spring Semester:
  • Gymnastics is a Spring sport, competed in during the second half of the U.S. school year.
  • Tournaments are usually held between early-January and mid-March.
  • You can expect to compete in approximately 12 tournaments in an average season.
Fall Semester:
  • The off-season for college gymnastics is during the Fall semester.
  • You can expect to practice a maximum of 8 hours a week during the fall.
  • In addition to training, you will be required to complete weight lifting and conditioning on a regular basis in preparation for competitions.

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 Gymnastics programs participate in the NCAA.

NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association

The NCAA endorses three divisions of women’s collegiate gymnastics.

Division I
  • Currently sponsor 61 women’s gymnastics programs
  • 6.3 full gymnastics scholarships are available per women’s gymnastics program
Division II
  • Currently sponsor 7 women’s gymnastics programs
  • 5.4 full gymnastics scholarships are available per women’s gymnastics program
Division III
  • Currently sponsor 14 women’s gymnastics programs
  • Financial aid is available but is not considered athletic scholarship


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