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As a compliant U.S. college recruitment agency with over 400 years of combined experience, Aussie Athletes Agency has produced countless success stories. We are focused on educating our community on the U.S. college pathway to deliver a personalised, targeted service. We have produced over $150,000,000 in scholarship offers to some of the most revered Universities in the world. Every Aussie Athletes Agency team member competed as a student-athlete in the U.S. and some coached in the U.S. college system for years. We have been trusted by 100's of families to guide them through the U.S. college recruitment process. If you care about your long term success then work with the best!

How It Works

It Starts With You!

First and foremost our goal is to educate. There are many misconceptions about the U.S. college system. Having a firm understanding of the immeasurable benefits of this pathway when the recruitment process is done correctly is pivotal before you begin. It starts with you! We commit to learning about your long term goals and priorities, and strongly prioritise these throughout the journey. It's not just about getting into a U.S. college, but succeeding once you're there to create even greater life opportunities. Our 100 step system and in depth knowledge in navigating the process, when mixed with our understanding of you as a person, ensures we are creating opportunities uniquely matched to your personal preferences.

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We always offer a free consultation to anyone wanting to learn more about the U.S. college pathway. There's absolutely no obligation or pressure. The way we see it, your goals are our goals. While we are known for our strong skill set in driving the U.S. college recruitment process, our philosophy is to open up opportunities for each individual, regardless of the where their passions lie. Contact us so we can learn more about your goals and answer your questions.


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